Love Potion…


It is that time of year (love it or loathe it) where we think of romance, roses, moonlit walks, candlelight, sweet nothings, too much chocolate (is there such a thing?) and everything else to do with l’amour.

As someone who is admittedly obsessed with all things aromatic, it is my fragrant duty to write about some of the best and most elaborate aphrodesiac aromatherapy oils and how you can use them.  I call it my own brand of ‘love potion’.

I once made a ‘love potion’ blend for a special limited-edition Valentine’s Day treatment at a luxury hotel.  The blend was simple yet elaborate, consisting of some of the most exquisite and well-known aphrodesiacs.  A blend of vanilla bean, sandalwood, rose and jasmine served as my ‘base’, and as a romantic sentiment, an essential oil that corresponded with astrological signs was added to the blend as a ‘love potion’.  So, for example, a couple consisting of a Pisces and Aries had the base ‘love potion’ accord, with the addition of melissa (lemon balm) for Pisces, and rosemary for Aries.  A truly special ‘love potion’.

Here is what to do.

Make your base ‘love potion’.  Mine consisted of: vanilla (25 drops), sandalwood (10 drops),  rose absolute (20 drops) and jasmine absolute (8 drops).  Feel free to adjust the amounts.  This base was quite dark and sensuous, which is how I prefer to blend.

Now, add the essential oils that correspond with your astrological sign.  I chose these oils based on some simple online research into zodiac-based aromatherapy, but you may find resources that recommend different oils.  Feel free to experiment here.

Aries: rosemary; Taurus: rose; Gemini: basil, Cancer: roman chamomile; Leo: jasmine; Virgo: lavender; Libra: geranium; Scorpio: patchouli; Sagittarius: black pepper; Capricorn: vetiver; Aquarius: neroli; Pisces: melissa

Add the same amount of each, one more than the other, whichever!  The key is to experiment and adjust until the blend suits your aromatic style.

Other aphrodesiac aromatics that I simply love are:  bois de rose (rosewood), saffron absolute, tonka bean, cinnamon, myrrh, frankincense, tuberose and cardamom.

Add all of these essential oils to a luxurious and silky base oil (avocado, grape seed, sweet almond or coconut are personal favourites) at 100ml.  That will be enough for a sensual bath and massage…..and much more for future romantic rendez-vous!




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